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Things to Make Your Smile Look Better for an Upcoming Engagement
Posted on 5/15/2020 by Tropic Dental
Things to Make Your Smile Look Better for an Upcoming Engagement
Everyone has a special event once in a while that they want to look their best for. However, if you think about your smile do not like how it looks, it may be time to consider whitening. Call us today to find out how to make your smile look as big and bright as you can.

Cut Down on Staining Foods and Drinks

A very simple thing to do, although it may be difficult for some is to cut back on those stain producing drinks. That means things like coffee and tea, wine, (both red and white), colas, and sports drinks. To try and brighten up your teeth, one recommendation would be to replace regular tea or coffee with green tea. It has been shown that green tea has several enhancing qualities that make it good for you to drink and is less likely to stain than darker teas or coffee.

Keep Up with Your Oral Hygiene Routine

Ensure that you are diligent about your daily hygiene routine. You should be brushing two times each day and flossing every night, as well as using a mouthwash or some type of rinse. Look for an ADA approved mouthwash that will help with the reduction of plaque and gingivitis, and if possible, use a clear whitening rinse as this again will only help with the whitening.
Believe it or not, the next time you feel the hunger urge for a snack, go for the strawberries. Ideally, you want the bright red ones. You might think they would stain, but they actually have an acid in them that will just help to clean and white your teeth at the same time. Also try some apples as they help to scrub your teeth and remove stains while you eat it.
If you are concerned about your smile or discoloration of your teeth and would like to discuss a professional cleaning or whitening, please call the office. We will take the time to set up an appointment for you.
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